NMH Student Group Notification & Enrollment Form
Student clubs and groups (newly forming and existing groups) will be required to complete this form every year. Such groups include affinity groups, service clubs and student interest clubs. Religious and spiritual life groups fall under the category of affinity groups.

You need to complete this form to be officially recognized by the school as an active student group.

NOTE: that if you are starting a new group, you will need to undergo an interview process prior to being approved to start a new group. You will also be required to have an adviser for your group and at least 10 interested students. Funding for groups are rare, and are only approved on a case by case basis. Any fund raising must be consulted with your faculty adviser first, and then your adviser should contact Cris Ramirez for further approval. Please note that Student Activities or any other office CAN NOT provide additional chaperones (ASA) for any event involving individual groups.

ONLY ONE FORM SHOULD BE COMPLETED PER GROUP. Students must complete this form together with their group's faculty advisor.

You will be required to hold your first meeting within 10 days from the Student Involvement Fair (9/14) and summit your complete roster, point out the student leaders, faculty adviser, and any additional information needed, such as meeting times and locations to your Group page: https://goo.gl/JWkyhp SAVE THIS LINK!

If you're NEW, please be sure to visit the group pages https://goo.gl/JWkyhp (SAVE THIS LINK) to verify that your group doesn't already exist. If this is an existing group, you will need to update the content in the group page. New groups will see a blank page that will need to be filled in. If you don't see your group page, please contact Cris Ramirez.

Please contact Cris Ramirez at cramirez@nmhschool.org if you have questions about filling out this form.
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