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Making Your Escape Room Booking Experience Better
Thank you for choosing to carry out this survey. Our goal is simple, we are a group of fun loving friends who love escape rooms. However we see that choosing the best ones in a particular city we're visiting is time consuming. We want to fix this and thought of The idea is simple, yet ambitious. We would like to have all the escape rooms available on our website so you can simply choose your city and see all the rooms of every operator in that city.

You can book your room immediately online and, as an extra bonus, you can also get a special discount of up to 20% on the operator's normal price. That would be our special thank you for using An idea of what the site will be is already available, but we would like to hear from you to make sure it caters for your needs. Although we do not know you yet, we'd love to get to know you.

Have you ever played an real life escape room game?
If you had to describe your game experience in 3 words, what would these be?
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How did you find the escape room?
Did you book & pay for the escape room online?
Did you check the room's reviews before choosing it?
After playing your first escape room how long did it take you to play another one?
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If you could change anything about your escape room booking experiences, what would it be?
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Is there anything you would like to add, any suggestions or ideas, or words of motivation?
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Since you have been such a sport and got to this point, we would like to reward you with a special gift. Could you leave us your Name and Email and we will be in touch shortly?
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