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【Fee Schedule and Payment Policy for patients】

First Examination and Treatments or Re-Examination and Treatments
$150 and up

Regular treatment or visit
$80 and up

● Fees may vary depending on the treatments provided.
● Depending on your insurance policy, treatments may not be covered.
If you have MediCal/Medicaid, please visit a Medical Certified Doctor. We do not accept MediCal/Medicaid Insurance.

Your health insurance may not cover chiropractic care.
If you would like to verify your health insurance coverage for chiropractic care, please use the verification form on the website.

Please note that we can not guarantee your insurance coverage and coverage may differ after sending the claim to the insurance company.
If you have any questions, please call/text/e-mail us.
Tel: (213) 617-2228
Please do not use this form if it's for an Auto Accident or Workers Compensation
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