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Physician opinion of privatization of health care in Saudi
Saudi health care policy faces unprecedented pressures to reform. With new advances in health care technologies and treatments, proven difficulties in obtaining timely access to necessary health care and the realities of limited fiscal resources sinking in, the status quo is being challenged with the increased role of privately funded health care. To assess the opinions of physicians on privatization of health care in Saudi Arabia.

This survey aim to assess all active Saudi physicians on their beliefs on the role and impact private health care should have. .We are interested in your feedback and invite you to complete this short survey that will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your information will remain confidential.

Thank you for your participation.
Dr.Asmaa A. Alyaemni
The Department of health care services Email:
Business College at King Saud University

1- Age *
2- Specialty : *
Your answer
3- Working area: *
4- Do you currently perform procedures not reimbursed by your public health care reimbursement program and paid directly by the patient *
5- If you responded “yes” to question #4, what proportion of your income would be derived from nongovernmental reimbursement?
6- Among the following statements, which one is closest to your opinion regarding private health care? *
7- Do you think a parallel private health care system will:
a) Shorten wait times and improve access to health care? *
b) Improve outcomes for those with private health care? *
c) Impair the outcomes of those without private health care? *
d) Interfere with the accessibility of health care for most Saudis? *
e) Reduce the quality of physician care in the public system? *
f) Be detrimental to Saudi health care? *
8- Do you think KSA will eventually move toward some degree of a private parallel system? *
9- In the event of the establishment of a parallel system, how do you feel physician should participate in this system?
a) Spend as much time delivering private care as he/she can *
b) Spend a fixed amount of time providing public health care services *
10- If you chose YES in (b) question 9, what proportion of your time would you see as devoted to the public system
11- Do you think that Medical Associations should develop a summary statement representing the views of Saudi Physicians regarding this topic? *
12- Do you think the Saudi health council should promote :
a) Establishment of private health insurance/health care? *
b) Improve outcomes for those with private health care? *
c) Impair the outcomes of those without private health care? *
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