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Minga Retreat Center - Resident Application
DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Passport, License, DD214, and Background Check.
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Minga Retreat Center - Application for Residency
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Last military rank: *
Are you currently in the Military Reserves? *
What is your current military status? retired? disabled? please explain *
What would be your monthly income, once you move to Colombia? Sources? *
Skills & Interests: Any musical, artistic, athletic, or trade skills that you enjoy? *
Are you considered disabled? if so, what is your current percentage of disability with the military? And what considerations should be aware of in order to accomodate any physical or emotional trauma? *
College Education - Degree & University *
What is your level of conversational Spanish? *
Desired Move-in Date (Approximate) *
Can you commit to a 12-month lease? less? more? Explain your ideal situation *
Have you been to Colombia before? *
Current Residential Address *
Legal Marital Status *
How many children do you have? List their ages, please. *
If you are diagnosed as having PTSD or any other type of trauma or stress-related condition, what would you like us to know? We can discuss this during your interview *
What other medical or health conditions should we be made aware of in order best support you? *
Do you smoke? (of any type, of any sort, how often, how much) - Facility is 100% smoke-free; one of the founders parents both died of lunch cancer; it's going to be an issue to be open about *
Do you believe you have a drinking or drug problem? of any sort, of any kind... (It's going to come up when you live here, so might as well bring it up now) *
Do you believe you have an anger issue? do you lose your cool easily? do you experience rage or other extreme emotions? of any sort, of any kind... (It's going to come up when you live here, so might as well bring it up now) - We are not qualified health professionals; we offer empathy and brotherhood, but extreme situations we not be able to help; just cosider not putting yourself in a bad situation *
Do you have any allergies? We have 1 outdoor dog and chickens, and there is a ferral cat outside that we feed but stays outside. At some point, we plan to get a puppy to raise him as a well trained house dog, but we want to wait until more residents are in the house. *
From what you know about our volunteering opportunities, how do you see yourself spending your time? Please be as specific & sincere to yourself as possible. *
What Expectations and Concerns do you have about living in the Retreat Center? or in Colombia? *
Do you have any career connection with Firefighting or Law Enforcement? *
Do you have a criminal record which you'd like to openly discuss with us? We will be pulling a background check regardless. *
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