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Digital Citizenship Survey
This form is a way to let your advisor/school know what you do and do not know about digital citizenship so we can ensure we build appropriate lessons Quarter 1. Please be honest, thanks! Grade level results will be shared within the next week.
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What is your grade level? *
When I post, comment, or discuss things online, I am always honest, respectful and thoughtful. *
I keep myself healthy by limiting the time I spend online and making sure I stay physical active. *
I know my rights and can take action to improve my "digital footprint" (digital footprint is the information that exists online about you based upon your activity). *
I "google" myself and check what others are posting about me to make sure I am protecting myself and my identity. *
I never give my name, address, telephone number, passwords, current location or school information when I share my information online. I also "turn off" settings that share my location from my device. *
I can trust everyone I meet online as much as I can trust someone I know in person. *
I know the places and times that it is appropriate to be using phones or IPods so that I am respectful of others. *
I would never pretend to be someone else when commenting or posting by "stealing" someone's account or equipment. *
I have positive relationships that I have developed online and know these people are safe before I make them a friend or add them to my networks. *
I am good at finding quality content on the internet and knowing the information is accurate.. *
I never post images or content about others without getting permission first. *
I download, print, and copy ANY material I find on the internet. *
I never post images or content about others without getting permission first. *
I read the Terms of Use and never lie about my age to sign up for online tools or sites. *
When I am messaging, texting, and doing other types of digital activities, my first goal should be to build a positive image about myself. *
I can identify my "digital footprint" online and feel proud of my online content. *
It is never okay to resend pictures, images or posts that I know were hurtful to another person. *
When I create an account on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, I should only need one account because I communicate respectfully to everyone (friends, teachers, parents, etc) or use privacy settings to control what people see. *
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