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Application For "Expanding Dignity" online learning class with Iyabo Onipede.
Kindly fill out this application form. I will hold all information in the strictest confidence. I want to make sure that the class is the right fit for both of us and the other class participants. Please just answer from your heart - the first thing that pops in your mind. Don't worry about typos or grammar. I am holding a small class size. If you are accepted into the class, I will send you an invoice so you can pay on Paypal directly.  Thank you for showing up here.
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First and last name and preferred name.
What part of the world do you live in and what time zone?
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What is your race and/or culture? FYI, all races are welcome and we intentionally want a diverse and global pool of learners.
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Why do you want to take this class? *
Are you a coach, healer, or consultant? Tell me more about the nature of your work and how race and culture play a role in your work.
Do you understand that the fees are a total of $600 and that if you choose to pay in installments, you pay $300 to start and PayPal will deduct $150 a month directly from your account for 2 months?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to this process to show up to the classes, engage with your co-learners and ask questions when you need to?
What do you want me to know about you?
What is your gender/preferred pronouns?
Do you have any different abilities I need to know about? For example, hearing loss, Deafness, visual limitations?
What are your hopes for this co-learning experience?
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