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March Madness Marathon @ The Grove in Freedom Village Volunteer Form
If you are 18 years of age or older, please fill out this volunteer form to participate in the March Madness Camp & Learn @ The Grove in Freedom Village GA.  You will receive a confirmation email with the full schedule of events additional details, and the agenda prior to the event. Thank you for your consideration. 
The Grove at Freedom Village Georgia
Hancock County, Sparta GA
I Am Green, Inc
San Diego, CA & Hancock County, Sparta GA
 Our Health Matters: Please Read Carefully, submitting this form means you fully agree with our Health Requisites. 


(1) You are healthy enough to participate, and do not have symptoms of COVID 19, FLU,  or RSV; such as feeling sick, coughing, sneezing, headache, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fever or are not feeling well; (2)You do not live with or visited a person or family member that has been diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19, FLU, or RSV or has been exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms; (3) you consent to having you (or your minor child’s) temperature checked should a designated healthcare professional deem it necessary.

Full Address including zip code *
Cell Phone Number  *
Will minor child(ren) be attending with you? If so, please list their name(s) and AGE (s).  *
Will minor child(ren) be attending WITHOUT you? If so, please list their name(s) and age(s).  *
If minor child(ren) will be attending WITHOUT you, what is the name and number of the responsible adult who will be acting as guardian and supervising minor child?  *
Are there any prior injuries that will prevent you from performing any given task? (Lifting, squatting, arms raised above your head, standing for long periods of time, tasks that require hand and eye coordination) If yes, please explain below.  If no, please provide N/A *
Which Day (s) will you anticipate being present?  *
For the Culture 

Please respect the safety rules outlined here for our MLK Work Day @ The Grove at Freedom Village.

• I will respect myself,  the family gathering for this event, the animals, the environment, and the land.
• I am responsible for the safety of others with regard to my actions.
• I am responsible for gauging myself with regard to any past/ current injuries and my comfort level performing any given task. If I have any concerns, I will convey them to event coordinators and/or instructor. 
• I will not engage in horseplay.
• I will cooperate, not compete.
• I will take time to warm up and stretch before performing any physical activity, and I will drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
• I will be conscious of the space around me and always consider safety while practicing physical techniques. I must remember that there are others who are practicing near me.
• I will inform designated event coordinators prior to event of any injuries or limitations.
• I will report all injuries to event coordinators  immediately.
•I will keep my children within arms reach at all times while on the land; The Grove @ Freedom Village GA. 
I Consent

Release and Waiver. In consideration of and in order to be allowed to participate in the Activities, I, the Volunteer, do hereby release and forever discharge and hold harmless the Released Parties and their successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, demands, costs and damages of any kind, whether arising from tort, contract or otherwise, which I or my heirs, assigns, next of kin or legal representatives may have or which may hereinafter accrue, arise from, or are in any way related to my Activities with any of the Released Parties, including but not limited to personal injury, bodily injury, illness, property damage, loss or death, whether caused wholly or in part by the simple negligence, fault or other misconduct of any of the Released Parties or of other volunteers, other than their intentional or grossly negligent conduct.

I Understand and acknowledge that by submitting this Volunteer Form I knowingly assume the risk of injury, harm, damage and loss associated with the Activities. I also understand that the Released Parties do not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide financial assistance or other assistance, including but not limited to medical, health or disability insurance in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage.

I have carefully considered my decision, the benefits and risks involved and hereby give my informed consent to participate in all volunteer activities for the Black Love Weekend, February 10-12, 2023 at the Grove At Freedom Village GA.

Media Release Form
By submitting this form you are agreeing to fully authorize and grant I Am Green, Inc and its authorized representatives, the right to print, photograph, record, and edit as desired, the biographical information, name, image, likeness, and/or voice on audio, video, film, slide, or any other electronic and printed formats, currently developed, (known as “Recordings”), for the purposes of fundraising, marketing,  community engagement, and recruitment for I Am Green, Inc.
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