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JKUAT Library Customer Satisfaction Survey
The library is committed to offering high quality services to all our customers. Your response will help us to continually improve on our services. The information given in this form will be treated with strict confidence. (Please indicate your response in the appropriate place).
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6. If you do not use the library regularly, list the obstacles that prevent you from being a regular user? (Select as many as possible)
7. What is your major area of interest, study, research or teaching?
8. How do you judge response to your request when you last visited the library?
9. Information provided was useful for my research, study, teaching needs.
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10. Which of the following statement would you say describes the library collection?
11. Which of the the following library services have you used?
12 Which of the following is true about the library staff?
13. Given the different resources available in the library systems, do you agree that the library adds value to your teaching, research and learning needs?
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14. Thank you for your time. If there are any concerns or comments or complements or suggestions for improvements you would like give, please do that here
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