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Beta Tester Questions for Alz You Need
Alz You Need is seeking beta testers to try out the first version of the smartphone application this September, 2016.

Alz You Need is designed to help families enable with their loved one suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia to stay independent by using app's unique features. For more info, check out

By answering this survey, you are not committing yourself or your loved one to anything and your information will remain private. You are simply letting us know that you could be a great fit to be beta tester.

Ultimately, if the app proves to be helpful for families, we would like to work with our beta testers to further improve it.

Thank you so much for your time!
- Alz You Need: for the family, for the cure, for you.

Your answer
Your answer
Have you or a loved one that you frequently communicate with been diagnosed with Alzheimer's?
What is your relation to the person living with dementia? (If it is you, respond "I am the person")
Your answer
How old is the person living with dementia?
Your answer
When was the person living with dementia diagnosed?
How often does the person living with dementia communicate via technology to loved ones?
All the time (savvy at text & email)
Does the person living with dementia have access to an IOS device? (ipad, iphone, etc)
Would the person living with dementia be willing to give feedback on Alz You Need in the future?
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