This little corner of our website is dedicated only to CUSTOM ORDERS. We know you want em, we got the fabric and tools, let us do it for you! It's true that our custom orders are not cheap, but that's because we only offer top quality HANDMADE merchandise. If you want to browse some of our custom orders of the past go check out our fb page.

Rates do vary depending on difficulty, but here is a general guideline for starting prices:
Custom Hat (Plain No Design)=$20 plus shipping
Custom Hat with Design=$30 and up, plus shipping
Custom Plushie/Pillow=$35 and up, plus shipping
Custom Hoodie=$100 and up, plus shipping
Custom Kigurumi=$150 and up, plus shipping

Theses are just the base prices for our most popular custom items. We do many more types of merch including scarves, leg warmers/arm warmers etc. Again prices will vary depending on the difficulty of the design.

Fill this out to submit a custom order request and we will get back with you in a few days!
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What would you like? Please be as descriptive as possible. Including reference material such a photo or drawing is VERY helpful as well. Just copy and paste the link into the field below. If you have the picture/reference material on your computer (not a link) please upload it to a site like IMGUR and then copy the link it assigns you into this form. Tell us your ideas below: *
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