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Take your first step toward becoming an Addiktz Expertz Writer by filling out the below application form, and prove you're worthy of becoming an Addiktz Expert writer.

Any information you provide will help us accurately assess your talent and potential, so please be as thorough as you can in your responses.

All prospective candidates will be notified of their rejection or acceptance within 10 days of filling out the form. If you do not hear back from us in that time, then please send an e-mail to:

1. Contact Information
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2. Education & Experience
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Other Education or Experience that Has Prepared You to be an Addiktz Expert
Please write any other education or experience you have had that you think qualifies you to become a writer for Addiktz, whether you have worked in any creative writing, technical writing or copywriting positions, or you have published any kind of writing of your own, etc.
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3. Personal Interests & Expertise
What games and/or gamers/teams are you interested in covering for Addiktz? *
There's no wrong answer to this question, but please write only those games and/or gamers/teams about which you're both passionate and knowledgeable limit your response to a maximum of 10 games/gamers/teams.
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Why are you more qualified than the average candidate to cover the games and gamers/teams that you wrote above? *
Please limit your answer to a maximum of 100 words.
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How many articles do you intend to write for Addiktz on a regular basis? *
There is no right or wrong answer for this. Rather, it's best to be as honest as possible, as it will both help you and us know what to expect, and will let us assess you accordingly.
4. Writing Samples
i. Published Sample
URL of Your Published Article or Other Writing *
Please copy and paste the URL of your most recent writing submission to a newspaper, magazine, website, or blog. If you don't have any published work to your credit, then write and publish an article of 400-600 words of the kind of writing we could expect from you, and paste its URL here.
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ii. Pitch Your First Addiktz Article
You're nearly there! As the grand finale to the Addiktz Expertz writer application, we would like to assess how you would tackle your first Addiktz article. We are looking for how you present insight, uniqueness and expertise on current events or other potential story opportunities. In short, aim to make us go "Wow!" the same as you'd aim to make your readers go "Wow!"
Of all the week's events in the world of gaming, which would you be most interested in writing about? Why? *
Please limit your answer to a maximum of 100 words.
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What analytical angle would you take on your selected story? Why? *
Please limit your answer to a maximum of 100 words.
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Lede for Your Story *
Write the lede (the first paragraph after your headline) for the story you've chosen below, as you'd like it to appear on Addiktz.
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