Lesson-Study Programme 2019-2020
Lesson Study is a form of teacher professional development, recognised the world over as being very effective in supporting teachers for teaching and learning.
Over the course of 5 evening-time meetings teachers collaborate to develop new understanding of their teaching of mathematics and how their students learn. While teachers focus their discussions on designing a single maths lesson, through this process they also gain deep knowledge of different teaching methodologies, an understanding of how their school's SSE priorities may be realised in their teaching - all in collaboration with colleagues from their own school and from other schools.
When the lesson is designed, one teacher teaches it to students in their school and the other teachers observe the students' learning. A post-lesson discussion on the effectiveness of the lesson happens immediately thereafter.
Meetings typically last 2 hours and usually happen once every few weeks between October and January. The time spent in meetings is equivalent to attending two CPD seminar days.
If you have any queries about Lesson Study please contact grainnehaughney@pdst.ie.
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