Selling Questionnaire
Please complete the form as accurately as possible. Upon receipt of these instructions, we generally require a deposit of approx. $400 on account of searches, certificates and the vendors statement. Additional charges will apply if there is an Owners Corporation as they charge $150 per certificate (a mandatory expense). We also will require copies of your identification such as passport and drivers licence. If you don't know the answer to any question, or don't wish to divulge the info at this stage, that's OK, just let us know and we can follow up with this later.

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Certificate of Title (volume/folio)
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Who holds your Certificate of Title?
If mortgaged, your lender will hold as security for the loan
Mortgage Details
Have you borrowed money upon the security of the property?
Name of Lender
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Loan Account Number
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More Property Details
Chattels Being Sold with the Property
Chattels not being sold
Chattels which are excluded from the sale
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Approximate Age of Buildings
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Services Connected
Any notices served on the property?
Council, Neighbours, Fences, Road, Contamination, Owners Corporation, Planning. The last one is important. If you have applied for a Planning Permit, please provide copies and details. If a Neighbouring property has applied for a Planning Permit and served a notice on you, please provide a copy and details. Its important you provide details of any notices affecting the property, the buyer ought to know about.
Is there an Owners Corporation?
Name and Address of Owners Corporation
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Any building or planning permits in the last 7 years
Please provide copies of any building or planning permits and certificates of final inspection or occupancy
If yes, building works have been done, were these works done as an Owner-Builder
If yes, you need to get condition report and effect insurance if more than $12,000
Leases and tenancies
If the property is leased, please send a copy of the Lease and Rental Agreement and provide the Agent's details
Is the property tenanted
Will you be required to pay GST on the sale of the property
Sale of your home and 2nd hand residential is generally exempt
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