2020 North Carolina TSA State Conference Judge Registration
Thank you for your interest and sharing your time!

By completing this form, you are committing to participating and agree with the expectations of NCTSA judges listed below:

Expectations of NCTSA Judges

The NCTSA competitive events are rewarding experiences. The NCTSA State Conference, students, and teachers will rely on you as a critical part of the educational process. Here is what you can expect at the event, as well as what the program expects of you as a judge.

As a judge, you will:

Sign up in advance on the website using this form.
Watch the judge's orientation video prior to the event.
Work with a judge team of two or three to review projects and/or interview students.
Select the strongest projects to advance to the next level of competition.
Provide feedback about each project you view.

As a judge, you are responsible to:

Arrive on time to all events for which you sign up and stay until the judging process is completed.

Let us know as soon as possible if your schedule changes and you are unable to judge.

Remember the age of your audience. Some students are as young as 6th grade and may be nervous to discuss their work. Ask questions which prompt students to provide information, and be patient if they are shy or anxious.

Pay careful attention so you can evaluate well. Students have worked for months on their projects and are looking forward this opportunity to share their work.

Judges should avoid distractions such as personal phone calls, texts, etc. during the event. Judges may not bring minor children that they need to supervise to the event.

Let the NCTSA staff know right away if there are problems. We are here to help!

We appreciate your time and will do our best to make this experience rewarding for everyone involved!

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Community College /University Affiliations: Appalachian State University , NC State, Johnston Community College or Wayne Community College are program partners. Do you have any current or past affiliations with the University? Check all that apply.
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Conflict of Interest
In general, people affiliated with NCTSA participants or schools are still allowed to serve as judges. The NCTSA staff will assign judges with conflicts to different categories/divisions.
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Please list any schools with which you have strong relationships.
Competitive Events:
Please let us know the categories you would be willing to judge. Check ALL that apply. Link to High School Event descriptions: https://tsaweb.org/competitions-programs/tsa/high-school-competitions. Link to Middle School Event Descriptions: https://tsaweb.org/competitions-programs/tsa/middle-school-competitions
Judge Partners: We assign judge teams to create a variety of perspectives and backgrounds on each team. We understand that some judges wish to work with a friend or colleague, and aim to honor that request when possible. If you have a partner request, please indicate it below.
NCTSA State Conference: March 25-28, 2020 Sheraton Koury Convention Center - Greensboro, NC
By selecting the following dates and time, you are letting us know that you are planning on judging at the State Conference in Greensboro at the Sheraton Koury Convention Center. Judges are welcome to sign-up for multiple time slots, but we recommend no more than three. *
Judge Confirmations and Email Frequency
You will receive an email copy of your judge registration when you submit this form. Please keep this email, as it will serve as your confirmation of registration.

Many of our judges sign-up months in advance, but schedules can change and unexpected judge drops cause major problems at events. We follow a schedule of communication to stay in touch and on top of judges' availability.

STATE judges will receive an email reminder in mid March. The State event coordinator will send reminder emails approximately two weeks and several days in advance, which will provide specific location information. If you are assigned to judge Websites, you will also get project URLs via email one week before the event.

If you have any questions about your assignment, or need to cancel your commitment, please contact Jerianne Taylor at Jerianne.Taylor@dpi.nc.gov or 336-692-4794.
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