2018-2019 SMW Journalism Staff Application
If you would like to be considered for the newspaper, yearbook or photojournalism, please complete this form. Answer all questions completely and honestly. When you are finished, be sure to click submit.

All staff members are required to be enrolled in the class. Those interested in photography should apply for the photojournalism staff.

The application process consists of two parts...this form, and a brief interview. We will contact you regarding the interview schedule after your application is submitted.

Applications are due FRIDAY, MARCH 9.

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Morgan in room 11 or e-mail her at amymorgan@smsd.org.

Thanks and good luck!
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Which staff are you applying for? *
Choose one: newspaper, yearbook, photojournalism, website
Have you taken 21st Century Journalism? *
Required for newspaper, recommended for yearbook
What are you interested in doing? *
Check boxes for the positions you are interested in. You can choose more than one.
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What ideas do you have for the publication? *
Include changes you would like to make.
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What talents or skills could you bring to the staff? *
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What other activities are you involved in? *
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Do you have a job? Where? *
Include how many hours per week you work.
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Do you have reliable transportation? *
Especially important for photographers, who will have to cover events after school and on evenings and weekends.
Would you be interested in attending a summer workshop (at KU or K-State)? *
Students have to pay their own way.
Would you be able to attend a mini-workshop at West right before school starts? *
This would be free.
Please list two teachers who know you well as references. *
We will contact them, so choose teachers you think would give you a good recommendation. (8th graders may list Westridge teachers)
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Anything else we need to know? *
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I understand that being part of the staff involves enrolling in an academic class during the school day, in addition to spending time outside of school to complete assignments. *
I am willing to spend the time and effort required.
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