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For 2022 what would you like to see as a Bible reading focus for the year?
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Do you know of someone we need to recognize at Graduate Recognition who would attend? Please list their name, where they graduate from, where they will be going to school or work. Any honors you'd like to mention.
What would make you feel comfortable attending church?
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What would make you feel comfortable resuming Sunday School?
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Please indicate interest in the following proposed events for 2021
Please indicate your interest in PARTICIPATING in the following (three year plan)
Please indicate your interest in HELPING TO RUN the following
MOPS is a national organization where moms with children (mothers of pre-schoolers) join for support, a guest speaker, and childcare is provided from within the group. There are no chapters in our area and this might be an opportunity to reach young families. There are also MOPS groups for mothers of middle and high schoolers.
Any other thoughts or ideas you'd like to share? Things that you'd like to help with?
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