YETI Cycles & Team Evergreen Scholarship Application - Team
Every year the Colorado High School Cycling League gives scholarships to coaches, riders, and teams. This year’s scholarships are generously sponsored by YETI Cycles & Team Evergreen.

As a coach, team, or rider we hope you will take advantage of the assistance YETI Cycles & Team Evergreen is providing to you and the Colorado High school Cycling League. Please take the time necessary to fill out this application for review.

Scholarship applications are due by August 9th.

Prior to disbursement of awarded scholarships, all coach license, team fees must be paid and coaches must complete a background check.

Once you have completed the form you will receive a notification to edit form. If you select this option a new browser window will appear. From this window, you can print a hard copy or PDF for future reference.

We are committed to making our programs accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Please understand scholarship funds are limited and we strive to provide opportunities to many applicants thus rarely are full scholarship amounts provided.
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