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1. Do you think you inspire confidence in others through your appearance? *
2. Do you face a problem in negotiating deals, selling your ideas to people & maintaining rapport? *
3. In a conversation, to express your emotion, do you feel need for alternate words to express yourself better? *
4. Do you feel uncomfortable approaching people in gatherings and striking conversation? *
5. Do you often feel that others get more opportunities even though you might be more deserving? *
6. Do you often feel misunderstood by others and their perception of you is different than the reality? *
7. Do you often feel nervous in important situations? *
8. Do you often feel Intimidated by Boss/ Spouse/ Friends/ Children? *
9. Do you often justify or make excuses for the way you look or appear? *
10. Do you open your wardrobe and often find you DO NOT have clothes and accessories to dress up? *
11. Do you decide on previous day, what you are going to wear to work on the next day? *
12. Do you attempt reconciliation after a fight or argument? *
13. Do many people you know confide in you / ask for opinion? *
14. Do you generally experience emotional highs and lows *
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