MCR Guest Membership Nomination Form
This is the first step for an MCR member to nominate someone for Guest Membership. The MCR votes to admit guest members at General Meetings throughout the year. Guest members are entitled to use MCR facilities, attend MCR events, and have fob access to the MCR common room. The cost of MCR guest membership is £13.50/term, which is charged to the battels of the nominating MCR member. Nominators are required to send the contact email address of their guest member(s) to the IT Officer once Guest Membership is approved.

For more information, please refer to:
1. The nominated Guest Member fulfils one or more of the following criteria for membership (please select). *
2. In the space below, please provide: (1) Full Name of NOMINATOR and (2) Your contact email. *
3. In the space below, please provide: (1) Full Name of Proposed GUEST MEMBER and (2) Their contact email. *
4. Supporting Information: Please present a brief case for your guest member, addressing i) how MCR guest membership would benefit them and ii) how they will contribute to the MCR. *
Acknowledgement - please note, when you propose somebody for Guest Membership, you take on financial responsibility for their Guest Membership – see Guest Membership Charges (noted in description). *
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