The Fifth ARK - Moderator Application
Please fill in the following form and make sure you provide the correct information.

We will message you within a couple of weeks or a couple of months. There is no deadline for being accepted or denied.
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Will you be able to positively deal with game-related issues, even though you may not like the player or you may not agree with their opinion? *
Moderator position requires a good grasp of the English language. Are you fluent in reading/writing in English? *
What other languages are you fluent in? *
Moderators are sometimes tasked with multiple assignments at the same time. Do you feel like you can handle a heavy workload? *
If chosen, how often will you be available? Please list an approximate amount of hour per day/week *
We mainly do work with Discord, Facebook, Google Docs/Sheets/Forms, sometimes Skype. Are you familiar with all these platforms/applications? *
What other skill sets/qualifications do you possess that you feel might help you in the selection process? *
Which social media platform are you most interested in? *
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Which types of currency are not available in TFA? *
Alliance Challenge progression is reset on what day of each week? __ *
When will the Deathmatch mode be opened *
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