Household Actions Survey
Welcome to the Center for EcoTechnology's Go Green Household Actions Survey.

In 2011 CET launched the western Massachusetts Go Green initiative to help households take 10,000 actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2014.

Why? In recent years, CET has seen exponential growth in the demand for objective information about energy efficiency, recycling and renewable energy - and coaching to help people make good choices. To respond to this demand, we developed 8 Ways to a Greener Lifestyle to help people learn more about the actions they can take...ranging from installing energy efficient lighting to backyard composting to installing solar panels - and the impact of those actions.

CET expanded our outreach staff to serve “on the ground” to plan and conduct a wide array of energy education and awareness initiatives tailored to the needs of partner communities, and assist in mobilizing community members to adopt sustainable energy technologies and practices.

Take pride in the actions big and small that you take on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to reduce your footprint on this planet. Some actions require daily practice while others only require one action that will last a lifetime.

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