Strange Souvenirs: Postcards for a New Normal with Faune Ybarra
Event Time: Saturday, May 9th, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Event Address: Online via Zoom
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Strange Souvenirs: Postcards for a New Normal

Gather the "art" materials you have lying around in your house and have a couple of postcard-size sturdy paper at hand. How has it felt walking in open spaces? what have we seen that we didn't notice before? Have we had an unusual encounter that made us feel nowhere? We will be sharing the walks we have had these days while the rest tries to document the stories into postcards. The goal is to share the moments that have made us feel disconnected or uncertain from/about a place and turn them into souvenirs to connect with other people!

*This sharing circle is welcoming of everyone who wishes to share their story in English, Spanish or any other languages as long as they are open to having other folks interpreting their account. The postcards we will have at the end will be sent at the participant's discretion (we want us all to be safe).
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During the workshop, attendees will have the option to send letters or postcards to another participant. If you are open to receiveing a letter or postcard, please include your address below.
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