2020-21 SWHS Incoming 9th Grade Course Registration
Greetings future Lakers! We are so excited to have you as part of the Southwest High School family this Fall. Its time to register for the classes you will take as a 9th grader.
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Course Options
Southwest will have 6 periods of classes each day (8:30-3:30) with a 0 hour option (7:30-8:30) if indicated and available

*All students will be placed into Honors English, AP Human Geography and Physics. Students with IEPs or who receive EL support may be placed in alternative courses for English, Social Studies, Math and Science.
Mathematics Preference *
Math placement is done by the math department. Factors included in determining placement are middle school teacher recommendations, this math preference selection, and previous performance in math classes.
0 Hour Option Mathematics *
Please indicate if you are willing to take the Math course you selected before the regular school day during 0 hour (7:30-8:30)
World Language
If student has not previously taken World Language courses we recommend signing up for Level 1 World Language courses.

*World Language course placement is determined by the SW World Language department. Placement consideration factors include: Middle School World Language Teacher recommendations, student course selection and previous student achievements in World Language.

*Please note: 2 years of Middle School World Language is equivalent to 1 year of High School World Language for placement purposes (Example: if your student has completed 2 or 3 years of a World Language in Middle School the appropriate World Language selection would be Level 2).
World Language Selection (Rank your choices 1-3)
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
American Sign Lang Level 1 (03901)
American Sign Lang Level 2 (03902)
French Level 1 (03301)
French Level 2 (03302)
Japanese Level 1 (03801)
Japanese Level 2 (03802)
Spanish Level 1 (03601)
Spanish Level 2 (03602)
0 Hour Option World Language - Please indicate if you are willing to take your World Language course before the regular school day during 0 hour (7:30-8:30)
SWHS Academic Planning Information and Course Catalog is available for students and families to review course descriptions and requirements. We strongly encourage using the course catalog during this course registration process. Please note that the elective courses listed below denoted with the * symbol requires one or more of the following before placement: Voice check, Audition, Interview, Teacher recommendation, Additional Paperwork is required or student must meet course prerequisite.

All elective courses are a full year in duration unless otherwise indicated.

***We strongly recommended that students fulfill the Health and Fitness for Life graduation requirements in 9th grade***
Electives - Rank your top 6 elective options. Note: Some elective options are a year long and some are for a semester.
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
6th Choice
Beginning Choir - (06201)
Dance 1 - Semester (06301)
*Dance Company 1 (06311)
Beginning Guitar (06251)
*Intermediate Guitar (06252)
*Advanced Guitar (06253)
*Guitar Orchestra (06254)
*Symphonic Band (06223)
Intermediate Orchestra/ String Orchestra (06212)
Performance Theater 1 - Semester (06411)
*Performance Theater 2 - Semester (06412)
Drawing 1 - Semester (06101)
Painting 1 - Semester (06111)
*Painting 2 - Semester (06112)
Media Arts 1 - Semester (06041)
*Media Arts 2 - Semester (06050)
*AVID 9 (00011)
Digital Media Intro - Semester (92100)
*Digital Media Survey - Semester (92106)
Health - Semester (11000)
Fitness for Life - Semester (12000)
*Mindful Nutrition - Semester (128051)
*Specific Sports Activities - Semester (128013)
*Weight Training - Semester (12021)
0 Hour Option Electives - Are willing to take any of your Elective choices before the regular school day during 0 hour (7:30-8:30)? If yes, please indicate which choices.
Does your student currently receive English Language (ELL/ESL) services? *
Does your student receive Special Education services or have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan)? *
Does your student have a 504 plan? *
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