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We ask you to refrain from publishing this article anywhere else before the issue is out, however, will not stop you - as the work is fully owned by you, and you are only giving us permission to use it.

If you've changed your mind about wanting to submit your article, contact us to retract your article. Information on how to do so is at the bottom of this text.

Please read the style guide before submitting:

If you need any more help, either ask on the discord server, or email us: OR If, on the discord server, you would prefer to ask in private, contact jan Eli and/or jan Sonatan.

Thank you for working on lipu tenpo!
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toki pona name & sitelen pona transcription
If you do not care about your sitelen pona transcription, do not provide it.
If you would like to remain anonymous, state you would like to be anonymous for no name to be assigned.

Any special requests related to names should be directed towards the last question.
Are you on our team of writers? If not, please select "Other" and input some sort of contact information.
Your contact information will be kept private. If someone requests your contact information, we will ask you before sharing it.
Are you willing, and able, to licence this work as CC-BY-SA 4.0? Make sure the copyright of this work belongs to you, or has expired, even if it is a derivative (e.g. translation) of a work. *
lipu tenpo is currently not specifically based in any one country. This makes this very complicated.
For safe measure, go with an expiration date of the author's death + 70 years. If an author died in 1960, you can translate their work and so on from the year 2030. Being given explicit permission from the author will also suffice.

Every article submitted is under CC-BY-SA 4.0 - the licence being owned by you, not by lipu tenpo. This licence is irrevokable; once you submit your article, it is now bound under CC-BY-SA 4.0 until the copyright expires. Read more about it here:

If you do not agree with CC-BY-SA 4.0, but would still like to submit, feel free to discuss this with us! Contact information is in the description of the form.

By submitting work that has copyright active on it, that does not belong to you, and you do not have permission to use, you are putting lipu tenpo at risk of a DMCA notice, which would result in your article being taken down, and a lot of work for us.
Article Title *
This is the article title that will be used in the final release. If this changes, please state so at the top of your document, rather than re-uploading.
Article Link
We suggest uploading your article to Google Docs and assigning comment permissions on the link, or Disroot. We will, however, accept anything that is usable for putting down comments and/or editing the text.

If you use Google Docs or an alternative with comment permissions, you will be expected to look at suggested changes and accept them or discuss them with proofreaders. Giving permissions to edit the text itself (as is default on disroot) will give us the assumption that you are fine with any changes on your text, unless stated otherwise.
Article Length *
Ctrl+Shift+C on Google Docs will tell you your word count. Keep in mind that if your article is far longer than 700 words, we may contact you about shortening your article and/or splitting it up into multiple articles.
Brief description of article *
This should be a brief yet detailed enough summary - something like "A poem/story about a fisherman who meets a mermaid and falls in love", not like "A poem".
Do you have any ideas for images to be linked to your article?
If you would like your article not to have images, please say so here.
If you have your own art, please link to it here, or put it in your article and state here that the image is in the article.

We cannot guarantee your article will have images. We also cannot guarantee these images, or any, will be linked to your article.

Any special requests related to images should go into the last question.
What category does this fit into? *
This will be used for grouping your article with others in the final release. If unsure, check "Decide for me".
Anything else?
You can request anything here, however this should be addressed towards the editors (the leadership of lipu tenpo). If we cannot comply with something, we will attempt to contact you.

If you have something to say to our proofreaders or our layout team (the people responsible for putting everything into the final pdf), it is likely best kept as a note at the top of your document.

If you are unsure, ask!
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