Artist's Application
This application is for consideration to have exhibits space for Magical Girl Day 2020 on August 8-9, 2020.  Please fill out the application as completely as possible. All communications will be done over email at first.

For any questions or concerns, please email SV@MAGICALGIRLDAY.COM

All information sent by this form will be viewed by Magical Girl Day Staff ONLY.
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Please enter your Artist's name, business name, or company name. If you are accepted to this year's event, this is the name we will use to publicly promote you.
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Please enter the BEST email address where we can reach you. ALL communications in the beginning will be via email.  Not social media and not by phone.  We will NOT be responsible for any errors in the delivery of your emails.
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Were you an artist/vendor of Magical Girl Day / International Sailor Moon Day Houston in the year's past? *
IMPORTANT: Where can we view your work?
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We understand that works may be in progress and you may not be able to provide a link for your work online. In that case, please email us high resolution photos (minimum of 8) of your work to: SV@MAGICALGIRLDAY.COM

If none of these are filled out, and we do not receive an email with images of your work, your application will be rejected.
Please enter a website where you are currently selling or showcasing your work.
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Once again, Artist's acceptance to Magical Girl Day is a juried process.  You should hear from us within a month of you filling out this form. To contact us, please email us at SV@MAGICALGIRLDAY.COM.
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