Three Legged Cats Listing Request Form for Shelters/Rescues/Fosters/Individuals Rehoming
Please use this form to add your three legged cat to our posting queue at the Three Legged Cats FB page and companion group.
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Are you a rescue, shelter, foster, or individual?
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Other than a leg amputation, does the cat have any medical concerns adopters should be aware of?
Do you have geographic restrictions on who you will adopt to? If yes, please elaborate on how far away you will adopt to (within miles or hours from a location). Please note that relaxing geographic restrictions for special needs animals opens up the adopter pool and can help hard to place animals with specific homing requirements. *
Please link to photos of your cat or email them to *
Please describe the cat's background, personality, quirks, and other information we can use to create the adoption listing. If you have a bio already written, please paste it here. *
How long has the cat been waiting for adoption?
Does the cat have any restrictions on the type of adoptive home they can go to?
When was the cat's amputation surgery?
Where should we direct potential adopters? Please provide a website, email address, or another form of contact information. *
If you are a rescue or shelter, are you interested in a free three legged cats adopter's guide to provide potential adopters with more information about tripod cats? If yes, we will send it to the contact information in the previous answer.
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