End-of-Course Survey
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The course and subject matter were well organized. *
The teacher communicated effectively. *
The teacher engaged students in learning. *
The teacher was enthusiastic about teaching. *
The teacher seemed knowledgeable about the subject matter. *
The teacher conveyed a positive attitude toward students. *
Tests, assignments, and projects were fair. *
Grading was fair. *
The teacher provided constructive feedback to students. *
The instructional approaches used were appropriate to the course. *
The teacher motivated me to do my best work. *
I gave my best effort in this course. *
I was provided with adequate orientation and guidance for proceeding with laboratory activities. *
The teacher was helpful in assisting with problems and difficulties in the lab. *
Space & facilities were adequate for required activities. *
The teacher provided a positive, safe, student-centered learning environment. *
What was the most effective part of this course? *
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What are your suggestions, if any, for changes that would improve this course? *
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Given all that you learned as a result of this course, what do you consider to be most important? *
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Do you have any additional comments or suggestions that go beyond issues addressed on this survey?
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