VACCINATION CLINIC AT HUHS on 10/27/17 from 2:45 - 4 p.m.
Please complete this survey by Friday, September 27, if you would like to participate in receiving any immunizations or a flu shot. This is totally voluntary and the purpose of the survey is to know how many vaccines to have Walgreens bring with them on the day of the vaccination clinic (date to be determined) and to offer additional vaccinations you may need to stay healthy. Of course, all information is confidential.

You will need to check with your insurance company if any of the vaccines listed or that you would want are covered under your particular plan. If not, you can check for the price of the vaccination on the Walgreens web page.

Recommended adult vaccination schedule:

Vaccines for Adults
Did you know more than 50,000 American adults die due to diseases that could be prevented through immunization each year? The need for vaccinations does not end after childhood. It is important that individuals receive the right vaccines to keep everyone healthy, no matter the age or lifestyle. Discover why vaccines are crucial to everyone’s safety and health!

There are vaccines now available that may not have existed when today's adults were children.
The viruses and bacteria that cause many diseases are still a threat today.
These days, as people travel all over the world, they may get diseases and bring them back home.
The protection you get from childhood vaccines can decrease over time.
Some people, such as older adults, unvaccinated children, people with chronic illness, and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases.
What would happen if we stopped vaccinations? Read the reason why it is necessary for everyone to get vaccinated to remain healthy and safe.

What are the Different Types of Vaccines?

From infancy to adulthood, there will be various vaccinations that are needed to protect against serious diseases. The most common vaccinations include:

Influenza vaccine. More than 36,000 Americans die annually from influenza complications and about 200,000 are hospitalized. Annual flu shots are recommended for most people.
Tetanus vaccine. Tetanus is a very rare and critical bacterial infection with fewer than 20,000 U.S. cases per year. After the initial vaccine, boosters are recommended every 10 years.
Diphtheria vaccine. Diphtheria is a serious bacterial disease with about one in ten people dying from the illness when infected.
Pertussis vaccine (whooping cough). In 2014 alone, approximately 28,660 cases of pertussis were reported.
Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine. Annually, chicken pox infected 4 million Americans, with 100-150 deaths and over 10,000 hospitalizations.
Human papillomavirus vaccine. Affecting about 3 million people each year, Human papillomavirus is an extremely contagious infection which is sexually transmitted and can cause oral and genitourinary cancers.
Rotavirus vaccine. Causing severe diarrhea in infants and young children, rotavirus can lead to dehydration and hospitalization.
MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine. As a contagious viral infection, measles are very rare, affecting less than 20,000 per year.
Pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccine. Pneumococcal is the most common bacterial pneumonia with over 40,000 cases in the U.S.
Hepatitis A vaccine. Each year about 180,000 adults and children are diagnosed with hepatitis A.
Hepatitis B vaccine. About 5,000 Americans die each year from hepatitis B complications and approximately 40,000 new people will become infected.
Polio vaccine. The last case of naturally occurring polio in the U.S. took place in 1979.

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What do you need?
Please check yes for vaccinations or tests that you would like to get, provided to you by Walgreens and HUHS through our flu clinic here at the high school on Friday, October 27th from 2:45 p.m to 4 p.m. You will also need to fill out the consent form and bring it with you to the vaccine clinic.
Flu Vaccine
Shingles Vaccine
Pneumonia Vaccine
Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis/Whooping Cough (Tdap) Vaccine
Papillomavirus vaccination (PAPILLOMAVIRUS is a preventable sexually transmitted disease)
Any other vaccines you would be interested in getting?
Would you like screening for high blood pressure?
Would you like screening for diabetes? No food or drink 2 hours prior to test.
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