First Attack 2019 Volunteers
We are looking for fellow video games enthusiasts that are interested in being part of the biggest gaming event in the Caribbean. What do we expect from our staff?
We are seeking for individuals that:
- Are willing to work all the days of the event
- Have a positive attitude
- Are responsible
- Follow directions
- Are able to work under stress
- Great communicators
- Confidentiality

Benefits of being part of our staff:
- VIP Access to the event
- Considered for staff positions on upcoming events
- Meet amazing people with your same interest
- Staff after parties
- Work Experience
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Phone Number:
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2. Why do you want to be part of the First Attack Staff?: *
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3. Are you willing and able to work on October 26 and 27? *
We need people who are committed to working long hours.
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5. Will you be competing in any event for First Attack 2019? *
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