Student Delegations - Application 🛫🛫
Thank you for your interest in applying to one of the Grimshaw Club's Student Delegations. These are an exciting opportunity for you to spend a week or so abroad exploring the political, economic and social landscapes of one particular region in great depth. As well as going to fantastic locations, trips are an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds and engage in academic discussion through numerous meetings.

With each year, our trips are heavily oversubscribed, which is why we have decided to launch 10 trips this year to accommodate as many students as possible. However, each trip will consist of around 10-15 participants. As such, each trip leader committee will be looking for the most genuinely enthusiastic and motivated applicants to join them as delegates in these amazing adventures at the end of the academic year.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you have read the Trips Brochure ( for 2019/2020 and are fully aware of the different trips we have on offer. For a reminder of the list, here are all the trips on offer this year:

- Argentina
- Cuba
- Ethiopia
- Ireland
- Israel & Jordan
- Kuwait
- Pakistan
- Romania & Poland
- Taiwan
- Ukraine

All of the trips will be taking place after the end of Lent Term, with the exception of Argentina and Ethiopia which are planned for after the end of exams in June.

NOTE: Please have a thorough read of the page 23 in the Trips Brochure on how selection for the trips will be assessed.

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