Colemine Records Subscription Service Signup

By signing up for the Colemine Records subscription you are assuring that you will have first access and in some cases exclusive access to limited edition releases from the label. There is NO OBLIGATION and there are NO FEES.

When we have a new release, you will receive a private link via email several weeks before the release date allowing you to reserve a copy of the limited edition if you choose. The link will expire 10 days after the email is sent and after that we won't be able to guarantee a limited edition copy for you.

When you reserve your records, you'll have the option to either pay in full (item + shipping) so that the item will ship immediately or simply pay the item amount and we'll hold it for you until you'd like us to ship. The idea behind this is allowing customers to reserve limited edition titles but save on shipping by combining items in one shipment.

And you can always email us at anytime if you'd like to add back catalog items on to a shipment. There are only two of us here. We're real people and are pretty easy to deal with.

Because we are simply sending you a private link to a purchase page, we keep no secure information on file. You can pay with all major credit cards or your PayPal account.

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