Title I Parent Needs Assessment
1. The school promotes family involvement in school. *
2. The school communicates its parent involvement policy to parents. *
3. Parents feel welcome to make comments at school meetings. *
4. Teachers willingly meet with parents to discuss concerns. *
5. Parents should to know what children are expected to learn in each subject. *
6. Teachers meet with parents about their children's progress several times each year. *
7. Parents share information about their children with teachers throughout the year. *
8. The school building is available for use by community outside the regular school hours. *
9. Volunteers feel appreciated and recognized by the school. *
10. The school distributes information about community programs for families. *
11. The staff treats parents and community members with respect. *
12. The teachers do their best to meet the individual needs of my child *
13. The school provides my child with the support they need in order to succeed. *
14. The school provides me with the information and support I need in order to help my children succeed in school. *
15. Parents are informed about their child's academic performance in school. *
16. Parents have been provided with information about ways to assist their child with school work. *
17. Rank the main focus subject area by importance by the school. *
18. I believe my child/children are prepared for the transition from grade level to grade level and from school to school *
19. Title I provides financial assistance to schools with children from low income families to ensure that all children meet challenging state academic content and standards. When the school offers specific training for parents, what trainings would you be interested in ? Ex: computer basics, FAFSA, etc. Type in your suggestion.
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20. Additional Comments and/or Questions
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