Academic Misconduct Report: Helping to preserve the integrity of the PHS IB program
This form is an avenue for students to be able to report academic misconduct such as cheating. Your report will help the IB office and faculty look into the concern but may not be deemed as an infraction unless the infraction can be proven. Regardless of the outcome, your report will help reduce the amount of academic dishonesty. Thank you for your assistance in identifying possible academic dishonesty within the PHS IB program.
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Below state your concern with academic misconduct . Please give as much information about the alleged student and the specific class involved. In addition, please provide evidence if possible about the situation. Your name will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any student! You will receive an e-mail notification that your report was sent. Please resubmit if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail. Thank you again for preserving the academic honesty within the PHS IB program. *
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