Status of Oxygen production and other equipment's  in Universities and college.
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Name of HEI, Please select *
Name of Private University/ Affiliated College/ Autonomous College
Address of Private University/ Affiliated College/ Autonomous College
Type of Institution *
Department in which facility available *
Does your University/College have an oxygen production facility? *
Does your University/College produce oxygen in past? *
How much Oxygen can be produced per hour (in liter), If your gas plant is fully functional?
Does your University/College have Other gas production facility? *
If yes, It can be used for oxygen production *
Does your University/College running medical/ health related course (Not included medical college) *
Which equipment (functional) are available in your institute department *
Yes, But reagents required
Oxygen Concentrator
O2 production plant
Other gas production plant
Biochemistry Auto-analyzer (Blood test)
Culture room
Deep freezer
In case of other name the equipment (functional)
Any other suggestions
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