ASBA Waiver
    All Star Boxing Academy

Injury, waiver, and release of liability form

Please read and complete the sections below.

Client ahead by agrees that he, or she is physically sound, and that he, or she has approved to proceed with a routine of exercising.

Limitations of exercise if any, it is further expressly, agree that all strength training, cardiovascular training or any other exercises, shall be undertaken by me at my Sole risk and that All Star Boxing, Academy, and his agents or employees shall not be liable to me for claims demands injuries, damages, actions, or causes of actions whatsoever to my person on my location. I do hear about expressly forever release, and discharge all-star, Boxing, Academy, and her agents or employees, from part of All-Star Boxing, Academy and their employees. I further expressly agree that I will not use equipment improperly if I have any questions whatsoever concerning exercises or any equipment, I agree that I will request instructions from Coach L and the rest of the coaches and employees at All Star Boxing Academy

I hereby acknowledge that I am fully required to provide my own medical coverage, and that All Star Boxing Academy will not be held liable for any expenses occurred for treatment of anniversaries while participating on these programs, activities or events at All Star boxing Academy.

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