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Are you interested in joining our walking groups? 

From May to July 2023, we have groups that walk two times a week - and it's free!  Together, we'll create healthy lifestyle habits by walking, sharing helpful tips, and experiencing additional ways to Keep Moving, Be Nourished and Stay Refreshed.  We'll also have prizes to encourage us along the way.  But most of all...we'll have fun together!  

Join us!  Fill out this form, read and acknowledge your acceptance of the waiver and join your group on the next scheduled walking day!  It's that simple.  Check our Let's Walk Together webpage for more details, activities, health topics and more.
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I understand that my consent to these provisions is given in consideration of the acceptance of this registration and for being permitted to participate in Crook County On The Move's Let’s Walk Together program and it’s ancillary events and experiences. I am a voluntary participant in this program, and in good physical condition. I have been advised that I should seek advice from my physician before undertaking this physical exercise. I have either visited with my physician and received doctor's advice and consent to my exercise program or have waived such advice and consent of my doctor, and except any and all risks.  ...READ FULL WAIVER HERE
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This waiver must be accepted in order to participate in the walking groups and any CCOTM hosted activity related to the walking groups.  Activities hosted by other organizations may require their own waivers)

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