Private Training Sessions

Norbreck Canine Centre, Norbreck Farm,Morpeth Road, Choppington, Northumberland, NE62 5PZ
email: : Tel. 07826 558 475
We are closed Mondays and bank holiday weekends
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Customer Responsibilities: Health, Safety, Welfare & Consideration for Others


a) Ensure I don`t bring a bitch in season, unwell dogs or any dog that isn't at least 21 days clear of a contagious illness.

b) Only bring a dog on the IED, under DDA investigation or a contingent court order if I have your written approval.

c) Only bring dogs that are inoculated or have up to date titre testing unless you`ve agreed a medical exemption.

d) Ensure dogs are under control and on a lead other than at the invitation of the trainer or within the area and time of a private hire session.

e) Consider others needs by asking before approaching unknown dogs and acting appropriately as many dogs need space or are sensitive to high energy or barking.

f) Only leave a dog that is relaxed and happy in an unattended vehicle giving special consideration to temperature and air flow as even on relatively cool days dogs rapidly overheat and die.

g) Clean up after my dogs and only groom them as a class exercise or by the far fence during a private hire field session.

h) Handle and train using a gentle force free approach.

i) Only make A/V recordings of my own dogs for my own personal use and only record other people or their dogs with their permission.

j) Only bring dogs that have not shown any behavioural issues such as aggression towards people or other dogs to Group Sessions.

k) Let the session leader know immediately if I or my dog are not able, comfortable or happy doing anything we`ve been asked for whatsoever reason.
As the person named on the booking form I accept that my responsibilities and liabilities include anyone deputising for or accompanying me.
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