Registration for The Girls’ Cabin, The Boys’ Activities of Ahjola and The Big Sibling Activity 2022
The Girls’ Cabin: 6–16 year old girls and non-binary children & youngsters
The Boys’ Activities of Ahjola: 10–17 year old boys and non-binary children & youngsters
The Big Sibling Activity: 6–16 year old children & youngsters

We provide different kind of activities for children and youngsters living in Tampere such as opening hours, clubs, events etc. In addition, a child/youngster can also get their own adult friend for one year from The Big Sibling Activity. The activities are free of charge and covered by group insurance.

After filling this form you give us your permission to save the given information to our secure customer register. Please inform us when you decide to end your participation to the activities so we can delete your information from the register. In other case we save your information for max 10 years. You will find more information about our activities and privacy policy from the websites and

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