2020-21 Delivery Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in delivering food bins during the 2020-21 school year. Given the uncertainty with COVID-19, we hope you understand that the process will be different from previous years, and it could change at any time depending on circumstances.

- First date for pick-up & delivery is still to be finalized but looks like it will be the week of August 24. Stay tuned for more info.
- Bin pick-up will be at the Champaign Church of Christ on TUESDAYS, between 4:30-5:00 PM
- Bins need to be delivered to the schools on WEDNESDAY mornings
- School deliveries will occur every other week, except for unique circumstances.
- We will work with schools to avoid personal interaction when bins are dropped off and picked up. The process is still TBD and will likely be different for each school.

We may continue to do anonymous weekly home delivery in Champaign, and possibly Urbana. This is not certain, but it is a possibility. If you would like to participate in home deliveries, you MUST have gone through a volunteer background check with the school district.
- Home deliveries will likely involve picking up bags on Thursday afternoon, and then delivering bags to 5-10 homes on either Friday or Saturday morning (whichever day works best for you)
- Home delivery drivers will likely be in a 2-3 week rotation depending on the number of volunteers and the number of deliveries.

You may respond for both school and home delivery if you so choose. We will finalize details with you soon.
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SCHOOL DELIVERIES: Would you prefer to be a primary or a back-up delivery volunteer?
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SCHOOL DELIVERIES: The dimensions of each food bin is 26.9" x 16.9" x 12.5", and they are stackable. Based on this, how many bins do you think you could fit in your vehicle?
SCHOOL DELIVERIES: Do you have a pickup truck or van with large cargo space? This may be used to delivery large bags of food bags to meal distribution sites, when we don't use bins.
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SCHOOL DELIVERIES: Which school would you be interested in delivering to?
HOME DELIVERIES: To do home deliveries, you must already be a registered school volunteer that has had a background check performed. If you have already done this, which school district are you registered with as a volunteer?
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HOME DELIVERIES: If you'd like to do home deliveries, which morning would you prefer to do deliveries?
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Are there any other considerations? For example, a specific area within Champaign or Urbana you are looking to deliver to. Or if there is more than one school you are interested in delivering to.
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