2013 Amazing Writing Race
March 27, 2013
Oklahoma City Zoo

Grades K-6
Registration Deadline: March 8, 2013
Cost: Students/Parents $15.00 each*     Adults (Teachers) $20.00*   *Includes Zoo Admission

The ratio of students to teachers/adults must be 5 to 1.  If you want to bring more than five, you will open this link again and register more students. You can help determine your teams--just remember to put the correct adult with each team of five and make sure all teams are the same grade level if possible.  All students from one school/district may be paid with one PO.  Just make note on registration. THANKS!
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 You may mail payment/PO to:  OWP, ATTN:  Linda Gill, 338 Cate Center Drive, Room 190, Norman, OK 73019-2171. No credit cards accepted. Payment/PO should be made payable to:  Oklahoma Writing Project
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