PUESD Parent Survey to Indicate Participation in the Blended Learning Model OR Remain in 100% Distance Learning
Effective November 9th we will begin providing in-person instruction through a Blended Learning Model for students that wish to return to campus. We will continue to provide the 100% Distance Learning Model for students who do not wish to return to in-person instruction at this time.

Please read the PUESD Reopening Plan for TK-8th Grade at the link below before completing the survey and selecting which learning model will best meet the needs of your family. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YcUdyMHbSLDO1zU7G8ll5y6yR2b2ki21H47ltFQ_aA0/edit?usp=sharing

Please complete a survey for each student that you have enrolled in TK-8th grade in the Palermo UESD. Completed surveys are due by 4:00PM on Friday, October 23rd. If you do not submit a completed survey, your child will be assigned to a Blended Learning Model classroom.
Please click on this link to view the PUESD Reopening Plan for TK-8th Grade before completing the survey and selecting the learning model that will best meet the needs of your student and family. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YcUdyMHbSLDO1zU7G8ll5y6yR2b2ki21H47ltFQ_aA0/edit?usp=sharing *
Students First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Current Grade Level *
I want my child to participate in the learning model that I have selected below. If I change my mind at a later date, my student will be allowed to change learning model as space allows. *
We want to keep students with their currently assigned teacher, however, we may be unable to do so. *
We will make every effort to place siblings in the same Blended Learning Model Cohort. Please indicate the full name and grade level of any siblings that also attend school in the Palermo UESD. (Please answer NA if you have no other children enrolled in our school district OR if this student will remain in 100% Distance Learning) *
We will make every effort to place your Palermo UESD student(s) in a cohort that matches that of their high school siblings. If your high school student attends at either OHS or LPHS, please indicate their current cohort assignment. Please select only one option. *
I understand that limited transportation MAY be available at a later date. If you choose for your student(s) to participate in the Blended Learning Model, you will need provide transportation to and from school. *
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