Requirements for usage and re-usage statistics for GLAM content on Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons (‘the Commons’) is a crowdsourced media repository for free and open media files that hosts many of the media files that are used on Wikipedia. Currently more than 14 million media files have been uploaded to Wikimedia, a large percentage of which have been contributed by Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs).

These GLAM-uploaded images are often more than merely illustrative. Most are historically significant resources that can serve as primary source documents in their own right, providing informational content for articles. Additionally, such documents typically include authoritative metadata about the works; this metadata is made available by Cultural Institutions and can also be incorporated into the content of articles.

GLAMs now use several proof of concept tools created by volunteers to measure the use of their material on Wikimedia Commons. These tools for GLAM metrics and statistics are often unreliable and do not fulfill the needs of GLAMs. This questionnaire will form the basis for a report on the requirements for usage and re-usage statistics for GLAM content. The Wikimedia Foundation will receive this report and will take our recommendations into account in developing statistical tools. This survey should take about [10 minutes] of your time. Thank you for sharing your time and insights.

This research is funded by Wikimedia Netherlands, Wikimedia France and Wikimedia UK. Go to for more information about this project.
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