Fall Fun Rally Training Courses (Pre-Register)
The Fall Fun Rally will be offering all of the training programs required for "Trained Leader" status, and all of the training courses needed for the Venturing Awards program. Sign-up for the training courses below. Registration for Adult Training Courses closes on September 18th at 8pm. Youth Training Courses may continue to be registered for up until Saturday at noon of the Fall Fun Rally.
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Youth Training Courses (FREE)
The courses below are offered for youth in the Venturing program. These courses are all free to take.
Adult Training Courses ($5 or $20 per Course)
The courses below are offered for Adults. These courses each cost to attend. You have the option of choosing the $5 version, or the $20 version which includes the Venturing Manual or Sea Scout Manual. Payment is due at the course.
Venturing Youth Protection Training (FREE)
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