Metaculus AI Online Workshops Feedback survey
We're excited by the progress we're making in workshops, and want to improve and scale them. We think that, ultimately, they could become a useful tool whereby the AI Metaculus community can produce forecasts of value to the AI safety and policy communities.

Notes and summaries of previous workshops can be found here:
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Why do you join the workshops? *
Brief answers are fine, e.g. "To have fun", "To learn", "To contribute to AI forecasting", or something else.
How happy are you with your workshop experience overall? *
3 = it was okay -- not very disappointing but not very satisfying.
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What's the most irritating/worst part of the workshops?
How much time would you prefer were spent on the following in workshops?
Much less (<=50% as much time)
Less time (50% to 100% as much time)
About the same amount of time
More time (100% to 200% as much time)
Much more time (>200% as much time)
Introducing the topic of the workshop (now <5 min)
Explaining the structure of the workshop (now <5 min)
Brainstorming and discussing technicalities re question resolution (now 5-10 min)
Main group discussions (now 15-20 min)
Silent time for collaborating in the Google doc (now ~15 min)
Workshop as a whole (now ~1h)
Clear selection
How many workshops would you like to attend per week, ideally?
We think the workshops produce very useful work and greatly boost accuracy on questions, and are interested in scaling them up. This might involve both workshops forecasting specific questions like the current ones, but also question-generation workshops and more meta, tips-and-tricks workshops. Currently we're doing 0.5 workshops/week.
Anything else you'd like to point out?
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