GratitudeAmerica Military Support Retreat Application
***Please only fill out one application. We will attempt to accommodate your first retreat choice - you will be selected for the most appropriate retreat by our staff. Filling out more than one application only makes it more difficult to process your application.***

GratitudeAmerica Military Support Retreats are an integrative intensive retreat program for Post‐9/11 era combat veterans and their primary support persons (this may include a friend, family member, parent, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, caregiver, etc.).

GratitudeAmerica is providing this application online for your convenience. If you need assistance in filling out the application, please call or email Michael Anthony, or ask your referring provider to assist you.

Michael Anthony, Executive Director, GratitudeAmerica 912-674-0332

We are grateful to you for taking the time to fill out the retreat application. We recognize that some of the information may be personal and you may not want to share it. We have designed the application to help us learn a little more about you to ensure a great experience for you during the retreat. There will be plenty of opportunity for feedback during the retreat as well. Our mission is to provide service members and their primary support persons with an opportunity to relax, restore connections with others who have experienced deployments, and to enjoy recreation in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

1. Complete the ENTIRE questionnaire as honestly as possible. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the application.

2. Space at the retreat is limited. You will be contacted to learn whether you will be participating in our retreat. IMPORTANT: Our initial response to your application will be via email. Monitor your spam/junk folder for an email from us as our emails end up there 50% of the time!

3. Retreat applicants who are not able to be accommodated will automatically be considered for future retreats.

4. Please keep in mind that we require participants to arrive on time and stay for the entire retreat to realize the full benefit of the experience.

5. Thanks for your efforts and for your support. We appreciate YOU!

All information provided is confidential and will be used only by GratitudeAmerica Military Support Retreat staff for retreat planning and will not be provided to any other organization.
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Branch of Service (Note: You may select more than one answer below. For example, if you were Army National Guard, you would select "Army" and "National Guard"; if you have served in both Army and Air Force (active components) you would select both "Army" and "Air Force"). *
Number of Combat Zone Deployments *
Briefly describe your Combat Zone Deployments or Stateside Missions: Please include dates of deployment, location, MOS/AOC (For example, Iraq, 2005-6, Operations Officer; or OEF, 2003-4, 11B) *
Please indicate your current military service status: *
Highest military rank (current or at discharge/retirement):
Please select any of the following health concerns that you, the service member currently experience: *
Please provide any additional information about the health concerns you described above:
Please describe any physical limitations you have and any assistance/accommodations you will need during the retreat (e.g., in a wheelchair, have a prosthesis, hearing impaired, etc):
Please select any special dietary requirements you have:
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Are you or your service member/primary support person currently participating in any of the following treatment or support groups (select all that apply): *
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How did you learn about our Military Support Retreats? Did someone refer you, if so, who?
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