Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in All gTLDs PDP Working Group - Phase 1 Initial Report - Public Comment Input Form
This Public Comment forum seeks community feedback on the Phase 1 Initial Report published by the Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in All gTLDs Policy Development Process (PDP) Working Group.
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Other Important Instructions
• This is a standard format for collecting public comment. It seeks to:
-- Clearly link comments to specific sections of the Initial Report
-- Encourage commenters to provide reasoning or rationale for their opinions
-- Enable the sorting of comment so that the Working Group can more easily read all the comments on any one topic

• You can easily navigate from section to section in the form. There is a table of contents below so that you can “fast forward” to the desired section by hitting “next” at the bottom of each section.

• Since some of the preliminary recommendations and questions for community input are related, they are placed next to each other for easy reference. In addition, some of the questions for community input have been divided into multi-part questions so that feedback on these questions would be clear.

• Please click the link contained in the Google Form to read the details and context of each preliminary recommendation, community question, and individual proposal.

• Your comments should take into account scope of the PDP Working Group Phase 1 work as described by the Charter.

• It is important that your comments include rationale. The Working Group is interested in your reasoning so that the conclusions reached and the issues discussed by the team can be tested against the reasoning of others. This is much more helpful than comments that simply “agree” or “disagree”.

• Where applicable, you are encouraged to reference sections in the report for ease of the future review by the Working Group.
Table of Contents
Section 1: Email Address, Important Instructions, Table of Contents

Section 2: Consent & Authorization

Section 3: URS Preliminary Recommendations & Community Questions

Section 4: TMCH Preliminary Recommendation

Section 5: Sunrise Service Preliminary Recommendations & Community Questions

Section 6: Trademark Claims Service Preliminary Recommendations & Community Questions

Section 7: TM-PDDRP Preliminary Recommendation

Section 8: URS Individual Proposals (Non-Recommendations)

Section 9: TMCH Individual Proposals (Non-Recommendations)

Section 10: Overarching Charter Questions

Section 11: Other Comments & Submission
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