Move-in request and arrival arrangements
The exciting step of moving into your new home is approaching! Please carefully read and fill out the move-in request below to help us arrange the exact date and time of your move-in. In order to make sure that your move-in experience is as smooth as possible, please fill out the move-in request at your earliest convenience.
Name and Surname
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Email Address
Please provide us with your email address in order to communicate with you before your move-in.
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Phone Number
Please provide us with a phone number at which we can contact you at the day of your move-in.
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Please let us know the reference number or address of your new home
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In order to request a move-in please make sure that the full amounts for the security deposit and the commission has been paid. To receive the keys of your new house on the move-in date please ensure that the 1st installment of rent had been paid to the landlord. If you have any doubts regarding the status of your payments, please don't hesitate to ask our team.
Arriving to Milan
Flight details
If you are arriving by plane please let us know your flight number, flight date, arrival time as well as the airport to which you are going to arrive.
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Be on Time
Please be on time to the move-in appointment, as otherwise we may not be able to guarantee that you will be able to move-in on the same day. If you are going to face a delay please ensure to let us know at least 2 hours ahead of time.
Desired Move-in Date
Please note: we do not offer move-ins on Easter and Christmas. Move-ins on Saturday, Sunday, and January 1st are possible only if the first day of your contract falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or on January 1st. It is not possible to move-in to your home on a date preceding the first day of the contract. Please let us know on which date you would like to move-in, and please await our confirmation of this date.
Desired Time of Move-in on the Arrival Date
Please let us know during which time slot you would prefer to meet for your move-in, and please await our confirmation of the exact move-in time. Please make sure that you are available at all times in the selected time slot. If your contract start date and move-in date fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or January 1st, please select the 12-15 time slot.
Move-in Conditions
This form is a move-in request, and filling out the form does not yet mean that your move-in date and time are confirmed. You will receive the confirmation of your move-in date and time from our team to the email address that you have indicated above, after we have verified the appointment’s availability.

Our availability to meet you for your move-in on your preferred date and time is our highest priority, however it depends on the landlord's and our team's availability, which is often limited during peak seasons, such as the beginning of January, the beginning of September, and the beginning of October.

In the unfortunate case that we are not able to schedule a move-in on your preferred date and time, we will be in touch by email with you to schedule your move-in at a different time or date, or to organize the pickup of keys to your new home at our office.

Please confirm that you have read the Move-in Conditions above
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