13 February 2017 - Webinar, Research Writing: communicating your research effectively 12:30 - 13:30 hrs, UK time
This webinar will provide advice and guidance to help you communicate effectively in your writing and to start writing for publication. The webinar will use a style of presentation mixed with online discussion to allow you to ask questions and share tips with other attendees.

In this webinar we expect to cover the following:

- Recognising the needs of your Audience
- Establishing a clear message and building a sound case
- Building an effective document structure
- Creating a good writing style

The session will not cover referencing or copyright for which you are recommended to view advice from the Library.

Note: although the content is generic as far as possible, some sections, notable covering structure may have a science focus.
This workshop offers opportunities to gain skills outlined in the RDF subdomains A2 and D2.

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