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LipSense Starter Kit (color, gloss, remover) • $55
LipSense individual color • $25
LipSense diamond colors • $30
LipSense individual gloss • $20
LipSense diamond gloss • $22
Oops! lip color remover • $10
LinerSense color • $22

EyeSense Cream to Powder Shadow • $22
LashSense Mascara • $25
LashSense Mascara with UnderSense Lash Primer • $20
UnderSense Lash Primer • $20
BrowSense • $20

MakeSense Foundation • $50
MakeSense Anti-Aging Foundation • $60
SeneCosmetics Corrective Color Concealer • $25
SeneDerm Powder • $50
BlushSense • $30
SeneCosmetics Color Remover • $20

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